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Our Services

We are pleased to offer the following assessing services:

  1. NetAssess has made the claim procedure easier for the client, as they do not need to obtain numerous quotations.  We arrange for the client to go to one of our convenient drive-in centres/panelbeaters where quotations, photos and all relevant information on the vehicle are acquired.  This ensures that the client’s vehicle does not have to be made available on various occasions for quotations, assessments or any other investigations.  Ease of claiming for the client is the aim of our service.
  2. We have roughly 66 drive-in centres country wide.  Our IT specialists are currently designing a web-based diary system that will allow the claims technicians to make convenient appointments for the assessing of the vehicle, whilst the client is still on the line, this process will be live in the near future.  In the interim these appointments are booked from our head office with the clients.
  3. True and accurate quotations of the accident vehicles, related to the particular accident, are guaranteed. No claims by customers or panelbeaters will be entertained should it not be as a direct cause of the accident, thus the insurance company will not be liable for any non-accident related expenses claimed for.
  4. Our photographs are of a high quality, depicting all areas of the damages, which is essential in case of future litigation as well as queries the clients might have.
  5. Each and every assessment is thoroughly checked and scrutinised by our senior management, to ensure a complete and accurate assessment and therefore having a constant level of quality.
  6. Our assessors are available at all times; during the repair process should any of the concerned parties experience problems with the repair.  This is of crucial importance to speed up the repair process to ensure that the client has his vehicle returned in the shortest space of time.  This also eliminates exorbitant costs should a hire car have been made available to the client.
  7. Disputes between any involved parties with regards to the repairs are handled in a professional and ethical manner to ensure that everyone is accommodated.  We often consult the motor manufacturers should the dispute be of a warranty nature.
  8. Random audits are done on the panelbeaters to ensure that they have repaired the vehicle to the specifications as laid out in the authorised quotation. A updated quotation is then sent to the insurance company.
  9. NetAssess assessors are available at all times should they be needed for court appearances to substantiate the quantum on behalf of the insurance company.
  10. NetAssess has a dedicated email address for any queries that claims may have & guarantee a one hour turnaround time if this email address is utilised –
  11. NetAssess will ensure that any contracts already in place with other parties will be accommodated to ensure the integrity of the insurance company.

We also guarantee that the cost of the assessment will be fixed for the contractual period, irrespective of the location of the assessments.